Researchers at multiple universities earlier this summer determined four essential traits to create a healthy lifestyle.

In the study they conducted, containing nearly 5,000 participants,   an underwhelming 3% of Americans featured healthy levels of all four.

Possessing all four of these traits were shown to lead to much better heart health, and have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other life threatening diseases. The good news is that the future can be changed, and simple changes in our diets now can stop and even reverse the progression of things such as coronary artery disease.

See below what the four traits are, and how you can strive to be healthier and life longer!


  • 1

    Moderate Exercise

    A good general goal to aim for is 30 minutes of activity per day. However, you want to lose weight or gain some muscle, you will need to tinker with your plan. Making regular exercise a part of your daily life is in important! If you can't fit in a 30 minutes walk, change it to three 10 minute walks instead!

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    A Good Diet

    Many Americans miss out on their daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and many also turn too quickly to fast food restaurants. Home cooked meals with all the proper food groups being representing may sound corny and cliche, but its often way healthier (and cheaper)!

  • 3

    No Smoking!

    This is a no-brainer, smoking is so bad for you! While the percentage of people that smoke cigerattes has been steadily decreasing for some time, its important to note the ONLY healthy alternative to smoking it just simply not smoke! Cigars, vape pens, and hookah are all just as dangerous, if not worse.

  • 4

    Body-Fat Percentage

    This can often go along with having a healthy diet, but its important to now just how much fat your body needs. A certain amount of fat is essential to keep your bodily functions working properly - however, that percentage is different for everyone, so be sure to ask your doctor what yours is.

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