Every couple has arguments from time to time, but it is how we handle it that can either strengthen our relationship or tear it apart.  You have heard the advice to never go to bed angry...well now some therapist say sometimes that is the best choice. It allows people to cool off and clear their heads and discuss the issue more rationally the next day.  Check out these other strategies on fighting fair in a relationship.

  • Time Out

    Take a break. Even a 30-second break can help a couple push the reset button on a fight. Stop and leave the room and reconnect when you have calmed down.

  • Admit It

    Own up to your part of the fight. Admit what you did wrong and express empathy toward your partner.

  • No Buts Allowed

    Ban the "but." Saying you are sorry or you understand should not have the word "but" after it. 

  • Remember What is Important

    Step above the situation and look at it from another perspective. Try to remember what made you love the other person. Even a strong marriage can become fragile if it is not nurtured.

  • Take Time to Hug

    Sometimes there is nothing left to say, and the situation can be diffused be reconnecting with touch.

  • Have A Laugh

    Although it may be hard to find the humor in a situation, some arguments can be silly.  Try to make a joke or have a laugh to lighten it up.

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