Well that's one way to get home...


30-year-old Christopher Russell of Newark, New Jersey got REALLY drunk on Friday night, and decided to walk a few miles home.  And as he was passing a construction site, he came up with a brilliant idea.



He saw some keys in the ignition of a BULLDOZER, and decided to steal it and drive home. I guess it sort of looks like a cab.  I'm betting he's never operated a bulldozer before, so I'm thinking there had to be a path of destruction.



How about a MASSIVE path of destruction?   He leveled three benches, a tree, a drinking fountain, a fence, some signs . . . then left the park and smashed into a car.  By that point, the cops had gotten some calls about a guy wreaking havoc on a bulldozer and got to the scene.


Christopher was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, criminal mischief, leaving the scene of an accident, and theft.


Here's my question: who the heck leaves their keys in a vehicle in Newark??!

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