With social distancing guidelines still in place, and the weather turning a bit warmer, I feel like so many of my friends and neighbors are spending more time around their fire pits. I wonder if they know about these chocolate-filled marshmallows yet.

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I love s'mores, but I wouldn't consider myself a s'mores 'junkie'. I might be if they weren't so slimy and slippery and hard to hold onto once the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate beneath it. So, most of the time I just stick to eating the roasted marshmallow, and then biting a piece of chocolate or graham cracker if the mood strikes.


But, not anymore! These chocolate-filled treats from Jet Puffed are a s'mores GAME CHANGER! No separate piece of chocolate required! It's just hot, sticky marshmallow meets crunchy graham cracker, and I can't believe no one thought of this sooner.

Have I eaten a few of these sans graham cracker? Yes, duh. But they really hit the spot when they're hot. When it comes to making s'mores, I'll probably never go back to plain marshmallows again.

As inventions go, I would put the chocolate-filled marshmallow right up there with the Smartphone. JUST KIDDING! But, you have to admit, these are pretty cool.

And, when I'm not around a fire pit, I build my s'mores, wrap them in aluminum foil, place them on a cookie sheet, and throw 'em in the oven. Good hack, huh?


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