This is all I'll be needing in my Easter basket this year, thank you very much.

I'm most definitely one of those people who pilfers the marshmallows from every box of Lucky Charms. I rob that cereal of its treasures in a very short amount of time. I live for them. So, I'm SO happy General Mills is finally releasing a box of JUST MARSHMALLOWS. There's only one catch: I have to WIN one.

There are only 15,000 of these limited-edition JUST MARSHMALLOWS boxes of Lucky Charms. It's like my cereal version of Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket.

Although General Mills has run a similar promotion in the past, Food Network reports that these boxes will contain only unicorn and rainbow marshmallows! Now I want one even MORE.

For a chance to win, we'll have to purchase one of the specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms available through September. And then enter a code at

That's a lot of work. This whole thing would a lot more 'magically delicious' if it were easier. In fact, just SELL THE BOX! I'll pay whatever you ask General Mills! Do the dirty work for me, lol.

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