Maybe it's not town that ever crosses your mind if you don't live in it or pass through it, but the New Jersey town of Northfield has SO much to offer! Let us show you 18 of the best places to visit there.

From amazing restaurants and bakeries to family-friendly attractions like driving ranges parks, and movie theaters, Northfield is small, only about 3.5 square miles, but pretty freakin' awesome.

Northfield NJ
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Located in Atlantic County (bordering Egg Harbor Township, Pleasantville, Margate, and Linwood), there's actually a lot to see and do in Northfield!

Like the Northfield Police Department.

Northfield NJ Police Department
City of Northfield Police Department/Facebook

JK. It is nice, it seems, (I wouldn't know, lol) but you don't want to end up THERE.

18 of the Very Best Things to Visit in Northfield, NJ


But, seriously, lol. We tapped our listeners and readers to tell us what there is to love about Northfield and put a list together based on those suggestions like where to dine, hang out, and shop.

And the next time you're just 'passing through' maybe slow down and look around and stay in town for a bit.

See if these shout outs below track, and definitely feel free to reach out and tell us if there are any places in Northfield you like that we missed.

18 Awesome Things to Check Out in Northfield, NJ

The City of Northfield in Atlantic County has SO much to offer! From amazing restaurants and bakeries to family-friendly attractions, Northfield is small but pretty freakin' awesome.

Gallery Credit: Heather DeLuca

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