It seems that Atlantic City doesn't want to wait any longer on what to do with the vacant Showboat.


When the news broke that Stockton was moving forward with a college campus at Showboat, Trump Entertainment put a dent in those plans by waiving a 1988 covenant claiming that Showboat must be a casino.  Yesterday afternoon, the Atlantic City Council told Trump Entertainment attorneys they have 24 hours to find a resolution with all parties involved, or the city will move forward.


I'm betting this issue will take longer than 24 hours to resolve.


Council President Frank M. Gilliam told The Press of Atlantic City, 'We will not sit here again and listen to the same language that really, in my humble opinion, makes no sense,” Gilliam was addressing two Trump attorneys who spent the morning arguing against the redevelopment plan’s passage.

'We’re going to be a fair body and hear you, but within 24 hours, you should be getting something back to our solicitor pertaining to some form of resolution with the covenant,' Gilliam said. 'If we don’t have this resolved and have it in writing, we’re going to move forward as a body.'
Trump attorney Steve Packman told the council, 'Trump Entertainment is not against an educational organization coming to Atlantic City. We are absolutely for that. Just not at this facility.'

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