What's better than a typical prank phone call? A prank phone call with animation! Check out this cartoon version of our morning show host Brooke posing as a meal delivery customer service rep who's concerned over a client's carb intake.

Brooke is 'Amy'. 'Amy' is calling Kevin, who regularly receives deliveries from a popular meal kit company. While Amy starts off the conversation simply wanting to thank Kevin for being a loyal customer, she quickly takes over plans for his upcoming order.

Amy enthusiastically informs Kevin that the meal delivery service has taken the liberty of swapping out his usual side dish, potatoes of some sort (mashed, scalloped, etc.) for 'complimentary' broccoli or carrots.

Amy says she's been stalking Kevin on social media, and think his love for carbs could be the reason why his clothes have become a little more form fitting, and switching to veggies could fix his expanding waistline.

Kevin goes from confused to furious, but Amy tries telling him that her worries about him are just all part of the meal kit company's customer service experience.

Can 'Amy' keep Kevin on the line long enough to reveal he's been the victim of a prank phone call?

Watch the 'Hello Fresh' Animated Phone Tap below!

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