Of course, we all could make changes to help us have a healthier and more fulfilling life,  but trying to change too much at once can be overwhelming. Sometimes when we are trying to build good habits, we bite off more than we can chew and I end up back where we started. To make it easier to stick with new habits, it is important to start slowly with little changes that are easy to incorporate into our life. This allows us to get used to doing that task daily.  Habits such as drinking a glass of water when we wake up,  writing one paragraph in a journal, or reading each day. Here are 8 habits that we can incorporate into our daily routine, one at a time. 


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    Drink A Glass of Water Upon Waking

    This is probably the easiest habit to incorporate into your day. After sleeping for 8 hours your body will love a tall glass of water.  You will feel immediately rehydrated. Water is vital to every function in our body, so it is important to start our day with a big glass and drink water throughout the day. Try it tomorrow morning and watch your day change for the better.

  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins

    Read Every Day

    I know what you're thinking “I don't have time, ” but most of us can carve out 15 to 20 minutes per day if we really put our mind to it.  Reading helps keep us sharp and can improve our memory and vocabulary.  If you really cannot find the time, try listening to an audiobook or podcast while doing chores or walking.

  • Man comfortably sleeping in his bed
    Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

    Get Quality Sleep

    Sleep is how we recharge so by making sure that you get a good night's sleep you're doing your future self a favor. Thinking of things like that helps me rationalize doing things that I do not want to do right now. Like sleeping at a reasonable time, how boring, but very necessary. If you are a night owl, set an alarm one hour earlier than your usual bedtime and stick with it.  After a few weeks, set the alarm even earlier. 

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    Take a Walk

    This is just good for your health, our bodies are like machines but we have to keep using them to make sure everything works right and will keep working. 

    Walking around for a little bit every day will do wonders for your joints, heart, and energy. Try to walk at least 10 minutes after every meal. Listen to music, an audio book, or a podcast to improve your mind as you walk. 

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    Write in a journal

    By doing this every day, you will find it easier to put your emotions into words which will lead to less confusion, frustration, and miscommunication. This is not only healthy for you but also for every relationship you have.

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    Learn a Language

    You are never too old to learn something new. It keeps your brain healthy and young. However, it does not have to be hard or time-consuming. There are lots of language apps to make learning a language as easy as possible. 

  • Vitalii Gubin
    Vitalii Gubin

    Take Care of Your Skin

    Our skin is the largest organ in our body and taking care of it is not that hard when we make it intuitive. Make sure to use a qaulity cleanser, not harsh soap, on your face. If you wear makeup, use a makeup remover.  Follow with a moisturizer.  A few times a week, use a scrub on your body to keep your skin smooth.   If you are going outdoors, be sure to use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.


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