After a 5-year hiatus our favorite fist-pumping roommates are back with new adventure, and same old drama, in Jersey Shore Family Vacation.  

I have been counting down for the series return and it has finally arrived! After digesting the 2-hour MTV season premiere, here are 6 moments that are stuck in my mind that I wanted to share in case you missed it...but lets be honest, we all watched. #GTL4Life!

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    Sammi's Presence Was Still Felt

    In case you didn't know, Sam and Ron have long split, and not amicably. Their fights are now internet-famous and because of the fallout Sammi has decided not to return to Miami with the rest of the cast. Feeling a sense of emptiness in the house, Paul D decides to bring a human-sized doll to the house that resembles Sam. He even put a voice box in it that has some of those famous Sammi fight lines with Ron. #RahnStaaaahp


    It was all in good fun...until they drowned the doll out of pure creepiness.

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    The Guys Said What We Were All Thinking

    Since we last saw them the ladies of the JS clearly had 'work' done to them, and the guys definitely noticed that, some even ragged on them (I'm looking at you, Vinny). But the girls took it on the chin and didn't let it bother them.

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    The Roomies Can Still Hang In the Club

    Age has not affected their dance moves at all. I still can't properly fist pump, and now Vinny has introduced us to something new so now I'm even more behind. Think Kung-Fu fighting and MMA move balled into one. Vinny also points out that he's never seen moms go so hard before in the club, and alludes to Snooki and Jenni. They even made it a point to say that moms need to get wild too. I agree. #MomPower

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    The Situation's 'Situation'

    Having been in the news the last couple of years, Mike 'The Situation' has been trying to right himself, legally and personally. Both were showcased in the show's season premiere and was a feature point. He's gone on to say he's been clean and sober for 2+ years.  The Situation even mentioned to Vinny that he was a little anxious about coming down because now that 'party lifestyle' is a no-no for him and will be tempted. To my surprise he actually kept to his word and did not falter, but lets see if this lasts...

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    Ronnie Did Deena Dirty, and She Resents Him

    Near the end of the show Deena opens up about her late father who passed away 6 months prior to the show's filming. She calls out Ron because he was the only one who did not reach out to her during her time of grief. She was totally in the right and Ron tried to say that he wasn't in a right place because of his Sam drama, but Deena quickly pointed out that should had nothing to do with her dad's passing and still should of reached out to her. Bad friend, Ron. Baaaad friend.

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    Me and Deena are Townsmates

    So this last one I can personally relate to and makes me the most excited, but I found out that Deena and her husband live in the same town as me, right down the road nonetheless! I have no idea why this shocked me, but I can't wait now to bump into her while food shopping!!!

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