The BRACH's candy company has me throwing up in my mouth a little with the introduction of Turkey Dinner Candy Corn.

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Now, I am a candy corn FANATIC. I LOVE IT. I know it's a very polarizing candy. If you love it, you REALLY love it. If you hate it, you really hate it.

Up until now, I've been 'equal opportunity' candy corn. The original orange, white, and yellow. The caramel apple flavored candy corn. The chocolate candy corn. The little candy corn pumpkins. But I just can't get on board a piece of candy corn that's meant to take on the flavor of an entire turkey dinner.

So, what's it supposed to taste like? Roasted turkey, green beans, stuffing, ginger-glazed carrots, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie, all in ONE piece of candy corn.

In a statement, published on, BRACH's Senior Brand Manager Mariah Havens says, "We're always innovating with trends and fun flavors, and we know this year is different than anything we've ever seen - much like our new BRACH's Turkey Dinner candy corn."

No, no, Mariah. You can't blame the invention of this nausea-inducing on the pandemic. It's too disgusting even for that.

But, if you're daring, BRACH's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn is now available at select Walgreen's stores. However, I can think of 20 better candies to waste your $2.99 (and your calories) on. Will I end up caving and trying it for myself? Most likely. Curiosity will eventually get the best of me.


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