This 16-year-old New Jersey teen has earned a spot on the USA Track and Field team, and is going to compete in the Rio Olympics.

Big congratulations to Sydney McLaughlin! At 16, I was too busy binge eating McDonald's and praying that I pass my Spanish class!

But, according to NBC10, Sydney is the youngest to compete for the U.S. Olympic Track Team since 1972!

The natural born runner is an upcoming senior at Union Catholic in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Now, after finishing third during the Women's 400 Meter Hurdles, she's on her way to the Olympics!

And what did she plan to eat to celebrate her win? 'A cheeseburger, maybe some sweet potato fries, and possibly topped off with a slice of cheesecake.'

She's not only inspiring, but she sounds awesome.

Read her full story on NBC10 Philadelphia, and watch her compete during the 2016 Summer Olympics!

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