A South Jersey is in recovery after he was attacked while playing Pokemon Go in Washington Township.

NBC10 reports, Michael Marotta was on his way to his friend's house when around midnight, he was attacked by two men.

Reportedly, the two men punched the 17-year-old in the head, and kicked him in the ribs before stealing his cellphone.

Michael was sent to the hospital to get stitches for his eye and a staple in his head.

As of now, police have one suspect in custody and are searching for the second man.

After his experience, Michael tells NBC10 Philadelphia he plans to hunt for Pokemon "in pairs" from now on.

As Pokemon Go gains more popularity, reports like Michael's are also increasing. Just remember, if you're playing Pokemon Go, play smart and use your judgement.

Also, perhaps play in reasonable hours with a group of people if you can.

Watch the video below from NBC10 Philadelphia:

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