South Jersey police have nabbed two suspects involved with attempting to steal $370 worth of condoms and energy drinks from a supermarket.

Wonder what they were going to do with that, hmmmm.

On a serious note, NBC10 Philadelphia says, Evesham Township police got hold of surveillance at a ShopRite in Marlton. The images released show Louis Diana Jr. and another unidentified man, attempting to steal the condoms and energy drinks.

The second man managed to get away, while Louis Diana Jr. is in custody.

Police also managed to detain their suspected getaway driver, Abby Graham, after she fled the scene by car.

For now, Diana Jr. is being charged with robbery and heroin possession and is on $50,000 bail. Meanwhile his female accomplice, is on $25,000 bail for robbery and motor vehicle charges.

Evesham police ask anyone with information on the second man to contact them at 856-983-1116. He is reportedly wearing a red shirt, FYI.

But really, $370 in condoms and energy drinks? What a thing to be caught trying to steal.

Read more on NBC10 Philadelphia.

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