Pranksters, or 'hackers,' changed the message on a  South Jersey roadway sign to read the word..."poop."

Is it entirely immature of me to burst out laughing?! Say the word out loud, I guarantee it will make you chuckle even just a little. If it didn't, then say it until you do!

Either way, Press of Atlantic City says the word flashed repeatedly on the roadway message board on Wednesday in Mays Landing. Apparently, the message board was up near a road construction project, probably to alert drivers.

Reportedly, the poop message stood up until state Transportation Department officials had to contact the contractor and ask for it to be removed.

Can you imagine the person's reaction when they heard the news? Super awkward!

Now, the message board is secured with locks to prevent any further hacking.

Personally, I think it could have read something much worse. Why poop? I guess we will never know.

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