If your workout routine has become stale, this a sure way to spice it up.  It is called Goat Yoga.” Yes, that’s right, yoga with baby goats or "kids". It is growing in popularity and actually happening at a local farm. 

Joanne Thomson and her husband are the owners of Angels in The Pines Goat Farm where they offer Yoga with Goats (video).  Located in Egg Harbor City,  this farms offers tranquility and relaxation, and allows guests to feel at ease while these cute and fuzzy baby goats jump on their back and tummies and roam around them during the yoga session! 

Not only does Joanne's farm have amazing yoga classes,  but they also offer birthday parties, breakfast with goats, and even goat milk soap and cream. Yoga with Goats at Angels in the Pines Goat Farm is for all ages and is nothing short of an amazing time. 

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