If you're a South Jersey Shore police officer, the amount of calls you respond to in the summertime is probably more than you do during the off-season.

Sometimes, too, they're probably a little more varied than you're used to.

Police in the City of Wildwood responded to a complaint last weekend of "an individual peering into the accessible windows of their individual residences." Police actually received complaints from two residents about the Peeping Tom.

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In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 14, officers began an investigation, tracking down leads. Their investigation turned up nothing - with the exception of a possible description of a vehicle that was driven by the suspect.

Within a couple of hours, after a description of the car was shared within the area, a motor-vehicle stop was made - with the car matching the description of the car the alleged Peeping Tom had been driving.

According to Wildwood Police, during the stop with the suspect,  "specific evidence with a nexus to the investigation, was located inside the motor vehicle."

Thanks to that evidence, Wildwood Police arrested Jose Lopez-Feliciano, 48, of Hopewell, Virginia.  He was charged with two counts of peering into dwellings and places, crimes of the fourth degree.

Lopez--Feliciano was processed and released pending a court appearance.

Police say the investigation into the case is ongoing. "Anyone who witnessed these events or has any relevant information specific to the incidents is encouraged to contact the Wildwood Police Department at (609) 522.0222." You can also email  contact@wildwoodpd.com.

SOURCE: Wildwood City Police Department.

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