A karate dojo in Collingswood in Camden County, New Jersey has become the target of vandals for the third time in as many months. Now, police are investigating the crime for indications of bias.


Karate School in Camden County, NJ Gets Vandalized Again

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Kenkojuku Karate on South Jersey on Haddon Avenue in Collingswood has once again been the target of vandalism.

On Saturday, the studio had its windows smashed in by a piece of concrete. But it doesn't appear to be a robbery because nothing was taken from the dojo.

Why Did Vandals Target Karate Dojo in Collingswood, NJ?

Pride Flag

However, in previous instances when Kenkojuku has been vandalized, a pride flag was reportedly stolen, according to 6abc.com.

Based on that, Collingswood Police are looking into this latest act as a possible bias crime.

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Kenkojuku Karate Andrew Faupel owner told 6abc.com exactly what I was thinking when I found out about this attack may have been bias-motivated. "Collingswood is a very inclusive environment, very welcoming." Faupel went on to say, "I think the community we've built over the years say everybody is welcome."

Police in Collingswood, NJ Investigating Vandalism at Karate Studio

Collingswood Police Department
Collingswood Police Department/Facebook

Faupel estimates this latest damage to his karate school to be between $3000 and $5000.

Those gosh darn Cobra Kai kids! Daniel-son wouldn't stand for this.


In all seriousness though, I hope the fact that Kenkojuku wanted to support the LGBTQ+ community isn't what made someone(s) target the school.

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