Oops, they did it again? A gas station in Camden County, New Jersey previously found to have watered down its gas, causing damage to several vehicles that fueled up there, is in hot water for a second time over the same issue.


What is with this gas station being all shady? As if life isn't expensive enough, now drivers that filled up on gas at this gas station have to fix their broken-down vehicles?

Pennsauken Township, NJ Gas Station Found to Have Water in its Gas

Conoco Gas Station in Camden NJ
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The Conoco gas station at 1901 Admiral Wilson Blvd. in Camden got caught in January pumping diluted gasoline, not only taking advantage of its customers wallets but also endangering their modes of transportation.

The gas station was forced to close and given a $25,000 fine.

Rather than pay to have the vehicles of the affected drivers repaired, the Conoco gas station reportedly bought the damaged cars outright, according to KYW News Radio.

Conoco Gas Station in Camden, NJ Has Water in its Gas Again


This past Sunday, it happened again. Cars that had stopped for gas at the same Conoco were reportedly breaking down all up and down Admiral Wilson Boulevard due to their tank being filled with watered-down gas, prompting police in Camden County to once again shut down the station.

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Judith Lugo, with NJ's Weights and Measures Division, tells KYW News Radio that water in a gas line reportedly strips petrol of its octane, essentially rendering it useless to a car engine.

The contamination was not out of malice, according to the Conoco's gas station owners. They blame overflow from the nearby Delaware River, which flooded across Route 30 after recent storms, potentially seeping water into underground gas tanks.

What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down After Getting Gas at Conoco in Camden, NJ

Gasoline Help
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If you're one of the drivers experiencing problems after getting gas at this particular Conoco you're advised to call the station's owner at 856-258-6014. You can also reach out to NJ's Weights and Measures Division be emailing  julugo@ci.camden.nj.

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