This South Jersey photographer paid tribute to the fallen New Jersey State Trooper, Sean Cullen, in a very special way.

As a woman that comes from a police family, Stephanie Anton-Velos of BH Photography wanted to give the Cullen family a gift that would last forever. She decided to photograph 2-week-old Conor Cullen and 15-month-old Seamus Cullen, the entire first year of Conor's life...for FREE.

6abc News says, Trooper Sean Cullen's fiancé Aryn McCormick was still pregnant, when Sean was tragically killed responding to a car accident on I-195 in March.

When Conor was born earlier this month, Stephanie reached out to the Cullen family to do the shoot. And the pictures came out beautiful, with little Conor placed in a basket next to NJ State Trooper teddy! So sweet and heartwarming.

You can see the photos here on 6abc News.


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