Over the past few months I have had a few friends start watching Game of Thrones. It is really fun as a fan to relive the show through them. I've been getting text reactions from them as they watch the show's most shocking moments. This got me thinking that I would love to watch them watch some of the most iconic moments from HBO's popular series.

There are a few moments in the show that make your jaw drop and question everything. You know which ones I'm talking about. I think it's clear that this will be FILLED with spoilers, but I'm going to say it anyway. SPOILERS AHEAD!

  • 1

    Ned's Death

    Let's start off with one of the most shocking moments of the show. I'm still not over it yet. This was the moment when viewers realized no one is safe, not even the most noble character. Even though Ned was only in season 1, he is one of the most missed characters. A friend of mine just watched this scene last night and her reaction were great. "THE LITTLE ***** BEHEADED NED. OH MY GOD. OMG THIS IS REAL. HE'S ACTUALLY DEAD. I'm guna need therapy after this show." Yup.

  • 2

    Bran's Fall

    Clearly this list isn't in chronological order, honestly it's not in any order. That whole scene was pretty crazy. This is the first time we see Jaime and Cersei doing the nasty. It's so weird how shocking this was back then and now it feels normal. Poor little Bran gets pushed out of the window because as Jaime put it, "The things we do for love." However, without this moment would Bran still be the Three-Eyed raven? Also, it's amazing how much everyone hated Jaime and now we love him.

  • 3

    Melisandre's Shadow Baby

    Renly Baratheon's death in itself was over shadowed by the manner in which it was. Pun intended. If Renly was killed in pretty much any other way, his death wouldn't have been iconic. Melisandre birthing a shadow figure, which stabbed Renly, was pretty crazy. Yes, this show is embedded in fantasy, but this moment was insane.

  • 4

    Dragons Hatching

    This was a finally, moment. There were so many times during season 1 where you thought that the dragons were finally going to hatch. When Daenerys rises from the ashes, naked, "unburnt," and three dragons on her was a satisfying moment.

  • 5

    The Purple Wedding

    One of the most satisfying moments of the show. I know, dark. Seriously though, I don't think anyone was rooting for Joffrey. Cersei wasn't a big fan of her son. Watching Joffrey die in such a slow and dramatic way was oddly satisfying.

  • 6

    The Red Wedding

    Watching Talisa Stark being stabbed in the abdomen over and over was a gruesome sight. The death of three major characters in one scene was purely shocking. Following the blood bath, seeing Grey Wind's head sewn onto Robb's body was horrifying.

  • 7

    Shireen's Death

    I am pretty sure I cried hysterically during this scene. For me, Shireen being burned alive is in my top 5 worst moments of the show.

  • 8

    Ice Dragon

    Facebook was a great place after this scene. Many people took to social media explaining that watching Viserion die made them cry. I was the opposite, I was excited because I knew what was going to happen next.

  • 9

    Hold The Door

    This ranks up there with Ned for saddest death. Watching young Hodor have a seizure screaming out "Hold the door," was more than upsetting.

  • 10

    Jon Snow's Death/Resurrection

    Jon Snow's death was a shocking one, throughout the show the writers made sure the audience knew Jon was important. Killing him off seemed strange.

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