The inner workings of an office can be weird sometimes. We like to think that we do things differently in our office than others. However, the simple fact is that it's not. At the root of it all, every office does the same weird things. 

In most situations, these things would be super weird, but in an office, it is totally normal.

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    You pass birthday cards around like you need top level security to see it.

    Birthday cards in the office are treated as if they contain the government's biggest secrets. You cannot take a chance and have the recipient accidentally see the card.

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    You mark your possessions in the fridge.

    Having your name on your food in the fridge is like locking it up in a safe.

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    You travel in packs for coffee or water.

    It is unthinkable to go get coffee or water without going with at least one other person to the break room.

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    You have "your spot."

    This is a two-fold situation. If you have a meeting in a conference room, everyone has their own "spot." If someone is in your spot, you feel lost, alone, and confused. This also goes for your parking spot.

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    You leave whatever you're doing to join unrelated conversations.

    An office setting is a great place to get easily distracted. You could be working on something very important, but then hear a mildly interesting conversation down the hall. Next thing you know, you are up out of your chair and involved in a conversation you may or may not have any place involved in.

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    You go out to lunch even if you brought lunch.

    This is peer pressure at its best. No matter what you brought to eat, whatever your co-workers are going to get is much better.