This has me thinking, what will they think of next? There are so many gourmet popcorn companies out there creating wacky flavors. International Popcorn in Totowa, New Jersey has created a wide variety of popcorn flavors like spicy buffalo wings, pumpkin cheesecake, and Jersey Dog (TM) hot dog flavored popcorn. Like I said, a wide variety.

However the flavor that may peak your interest even more is the Jersey Mix (TM) Taylor Ham (Pork Roll) & Cheese Popcorn. Yes, they have pork roll, egg, and cheese popcorn. Intrigued yet?

International Popcorn's website describes the popcorn, "Whether you call it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll, we blend it with our mouthwatering savory cheddar cheese popcorn to create a perfect resemblance of the infamous and well know taste of most New-Jerseyians “Taylor Ham (Pork Roll) & Cheese” sandwich, but with MUCH less calories! Only 90 calories a serving!"

Philip Campbell,
Philip Campbell,

Now, if you can't make it up to Totowa they do sell their popcorn online. I'll have 10 bags please.

The popcorn has been around for over 2 years now, so I'm guessing it's pretty popular.

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