In honor of their 100th anniversary, a local potato chip manufacturer is offering fans of their snacks a chance to win $100,000!

I LOVE POTATO CHIPS. I'm a chip junkie. I can hardly go a day without some.

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And, my preferred potato chip and popcorn brand is Utz! Utz is born and bread in Hanover, Pennsylvania. What's better than LOCAL? Especially when they do what they do better than most anyone.

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When I get near a bag of Utz No Salt Potato Chips, look out! I can house it in one sitting. I don't look unlike this child below.




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Utz has created a $100k cash prize contest to celebrate to mark 100 years of making amazing snacks. It's essentially a sweepstakes, and they make it pretty easy to enter to win.




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Look, banking $100,000 sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime. But, if I'm being honest, I'd be happy with a lifetime supply of Utz snacks in exchange for the cash, lol.

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