One of the biggest debates among New Jerseyans is without a doubt what they call their favorite breakfast meat. North Jerseyans call it by the wrong name by calling it Taylor ham, while us South Jerseyans are correct when we call it pork roll. Now, we didn't need any proof, but there is now concrete evidence to support the name pork roll.

Last week posted a photo on their Facebook page that has since received over 13,000 shares, over 10,000 reactions, and over 2,000 comments. The caption to the viral photo says, "BREAKING: Age-old Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll debate settled by vintage photo from Asbury Park. You're welcome, Jersey."

South Jersey can appreciate the photo, while people from North Jersey complained in the comments.

The photo is of a pork roll sandwich shop in Asbury Park. First of all, notice the name: "Taylor Pork Roll Sandwich Shop." Secondly, why aren't there pork roll sandwich shops all over New Jersey now? I know you can get pork roll everywhere, but imagine a shop that is dedicated to pork roll. They could serve pork roll in all different ways!

It's clear North Jersey is still a little delusional because even when they are faced with solid proof, they still protest.

We would disagree with that hashtag.

Some are doing South Jersey proud.

If they can't admit they are wrong up there in North Jersey after this, they will never admit it.

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