Certain boxes of Jolly Time's Healthy Pop 100's Kettle Corn have been recalled.

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The recall, which Jolly Time issued last Thursday, stems from 'undeclared milk ingredients' that could be a problem for consumers with allergies or sensitivities to milk products, bestlifeonline.com reports.

The recall comes after Jolly Time got wind that a batch of Healthy Pop Kettle Corn 100’s (4 count) were mistakenly flavored, possibly exposing consumers to milk, an 'undeclared allergen' for that product.

(Photo: fda.gov)
(Photo: fda.gov)

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 'American Pop Corn Company is voluntarily recalling the following JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop® Kettle Corn 100’s (4 count) Microwave Popcorn manufactured on January 25, 2021.'


The Item UPC number to look for is 2819000141, with Product Code 1025 (time) 3&4, as seen here.

The Jolly Time products involved in the recall have been distributed to select states. Anyone with questions regarding the recall can call Jolly Time Pop Corn at 1-712-239-1232 email popcorn@jollytime.com.

For more detailed information about the call, visit FDA.gov.

SOURCES: fda.gov; bestlifeonline.com

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