Just 133 days ago, a 39-story building stood between Pacific, Missouri, and Mississippi Avenues in Atlantic City. So what's now happening at the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino site? Let's take a look.

What was a part of the Atlantic City skyline for nearly 37 years came crashing down in about 37 seconds on the morning of February 17th.

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In 1984, Harrah's at Trump Plaza opened; the name would be shortened to just "Trump Plaza" a few months later. It's mark on Atlantic City's history came to an end on September 16, 2014, when the gaming hall closed for good. Before its ultimate demise, the property fell into disrepair with large holes in the side of the high-rise appearing thanks to several coastal storms.

In a masterful display of engineering (or un-engineering), the 321-foot-tall casino was imploded with its debris falling in a tight space between Boardwalk Hall and Caesars. The dust cloud from the former building headed straight-out over the ocean as if to leave Atlantic City in a most fitting way.

Now, about four months later, work clean-up continues in the center of the World's Play Ground...

Four months after implosion, what's happening at the former Trump Plaza site in Atlantic City, NJ?

Less than five months ago, a 39-story building that was once Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino stood between Pacific, Mississippi, and Missouri Avenues in Atlantic City. It was imploded in February, 2021. Work now continues at that site with the lot now almost totally cleared of debris.

The implosion of Trump Plaza in Atlantic City on February 17, 2021

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