Today's the day the Atlantic City skyline is changed forever.

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Whatever your opinion of Trump himself happens to be is irrelevant to the following statement: There's no denying that the Trump Plaza in AC became a city staple. Now, it's gone forever after the city brought it down due to the building falling into disrepair.

Regardless of your personal feelings towards the man from which the building got its name, seeing the main tower fall was an emotional experience for many South Jersey residents. There were multiple options to view the implosion online and even via social media, which is where most of the comments include sentiments of good memories had at the Plaza.

Trump Plaza used to house so many fun nights filled with boxing matches, celebrity appearances, shows, etc. Let's also not forget about how many of our own friends and neighbors worked at the Plaza for many many years. Lots of time spent there means a whole lot of memories for the people of South Jersey and beyond.

Now, it's time to say goodbye.

The implosion was scheduled for 9 o'clock this morning, but it ran a little late. Speculation from comments on Facebook attribute that to those on the ground clearing people away. Slightly after 9:10, the building went down almost like a Jenga game tumbling to the ground. It was a bit shocking to see just how quickly and easily the building toppled.

If you weren't able to watch the implosion live, don't worry, we've got you covered. You can watch the replay below:



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