This should almost be mandatory in all South Jersey homes, Lol.

Around this time of the year, families start to decorate for the Christmas season (if you haven't checked out when you should start to decorate for Christmas, please check this out).

But if you are decorating, you'll obviously be getting a tree. But might I suggest going down a different route this year? Why not show some South Jersey pride and do a 'South Jersey-themed' Christmas tree?

Don't know how to go about it? It'll be easy! Here's what you could use to decorate your tree!


  • Thinkstock

    Casino Chips

    This is a given, and would definitely be on my tree! Add some playing cards too, just because.

    Who doesn't love Atlantic City?

  • 2

    Sports Mascots

    You have to incorporate at least one of these lovable mascots into your tree.

    Use a Phillies, Flyers, or Eagles jersey as the tree skirt instead of the traditional red wraparound.

    Heck, maybe spray paint your entire tree orange for Gritty or leave it green for the Eagles' Swoop for example. Go nuts.

  • TSM

    SoJO Swag

    I mean, we are South Jersey's Hit Music Channel!!!

    We'll hook you up with some stuff! ;)


  • 4

    Wawa Hoagie Tree Topper

    The last thing you'll need, a glorious hoagie sitting on top of the tree. It's gotta be Wawa, too.

    Just don't eat it because it probably won't be good after sitting on a tree for nearly a month.

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