The Jersey Shore is buzzing with Christmas shopping and the search for the hottest toys for the kids this year.

According to Good Housekeeping, WalMart has recently listed this year's top toys and we're sure you've searched for at least one...or a dozen of these already.

With all this running around to find the perfect Hatchimal Hatchibaby or the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller, we thought we'd take you back to some simpler times in the world of toys for the kids.

You might be surprised by the simplicity of the top toys 60, 70, 80 and even 90 years ago. Here they are according to The Stacker. literally doesn't get simple than that. Imaging being so thrilled you were able to get your hands on a yo-yo? And at the time, they would cost a whopping 5 cents.

1938...Microscope set. Now we all have one in the attic, but 80 years ago, it was the hottest gift around.

1948...Toy piano. The top kids gift 70 years ago promised endless nights of noise for only $8

1958...Hula Hoop. Imagine for a minute that your kids weren't asking for a tablet, smartphone or video game system, and they just wanted a hula hoop ($1.98 at the time)

1968...Hot Wheels. They're still a fun gift for the kids, and they were, pardon the pun, the hottest thing going 50 years ago, and they only set you back 59 cents each.

1978...Star Wars action figures. If you were a kid in 1978, you had them, and now you wish you still had them in the original box, right? But what good is a toy if you can't play with it. Cost at the time...$3 and up.

1988...Troll dolls. We did love them, and many of us, and our kids, still do. 30 years ago, the Troll Doll was only a few bucks.

1998...The Furby. Oh the Furby. Parents raced around town, waited in line in front of stores 5 hours before they opened, and spent a ton of money to have one of these adorable, smart little guys in their house. If you were lucky enough to pay retail, they were only $35.

2008...Wall-E Toys. Following 2006's Nintendo Wii ($250) and 2007's Guitar Hero ($90), the $7 Wall-E toys were a welcome break for parents and Santa.

2018...Of course we don't know yet, but Hasbro's Don't Step In It looks like it has a shot at being this year's champion.

Wow. We just covered 90 years of toys. Hope you enjoyed the trip, and good luck with the rest of your shopping, especially since we are doing it without Toys 'R Us this year.


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