We have the traditional green Christmas tree. We've also seen white trees, silver trees, red trees, gold trees, and so many different color flocked trees, now households are ditching tradition for a black Christmas tree. [Insert the emo quote: black like my soul here.] Yes, people are getting into the spirit of the holiday season with a black Christmas tree.

If you are looking for a more non-traditional Christmas tree you may want to go the black tree route. Treetopia, which is a website for all of your non-traditional tree needs, told Good Morning America that black Christmas tree sales are up 16% from previous years.

Social media is loving the black Christmas tree trend. On Instagram alone there are over 9.600 posts using the hashtag #BlackChristmasTree.

As someone who usually loves the traditional green tree, I have to say these are actually kind of beautiful!

Wayfair.com spoke to GMA about the trend and they said:

Black Christmas trees are not only a unique statement piece, but they have their own mystical presence. [They] really help ornaments and string lights pop. You could deck them out with lighter colored ornaments that’ll really stand out against the black, or simply add delicate, white string lights that almost create a feeling of evergreens at night in the wilderness.

According to the GMA article there have been almost 2,000 searches on Wayfair.com for black Christmas trees which is 70% more than in the past years.

What do you think of the black Christmas tree trend?

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