I used to fight with my family on this all the time!

November 1st? December 1st? That day after Thanksgiving? Depending on the person you ask you'll get a different response. And if you ask me it also depends on how holly, jolly, and festive they are.

Just to give you some backstory, when I was a kid my parents, aka dad, because my mother could care less, wouldn't start decorating for Christmas until the week before. It made me miserable. Now that I am living on my own I have all the power and say when it comes to when to decorate.

And because of that I have come to the conclusion that the only day that everyone should start decorating for Christmas is after Thanksgiving. Scratch that, I'll even be generous. I'll give you that whole weekend until Cyber Monday. That is when you should be decorating for Christmas. Any time after is too late.

And here is why. The weather in late November is totally manageable. I remember Thanksgiving weekends when the temperature was in the high 50s and low 60s. Now of course you could see the opposite with temperatures in the mid 40s but even that is manageable.

Lyle Mallen/Thinkstock

Once we cross into December all bets are off. You also have to deal with fewer hours of daylight, which means less time to decorate outside.

Oh, and for those Christmas extremers, I better not see one candy cane or snowflake on the lawn any time before Turkey Day. That is still fall foliage territory and there is no need for that conflict of seasons.

So with all that said, when do you think is the perfect time to start decorating for Christmas?

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