We need to set some rules here for our fellow beach goers. Some people go a little too crazy with what they drag with them onto the beach. First of all, most of it just isn't practical. Second of all, you look ridiculous. When I go to the beach, I bring a backpack with sunscreen, a towel, water, and possibly food. On occasion, I'll bring a chair.

Now, I am not saying you need to be that minimal with your beach gear, but there is something as going overboard. Rather than telling you what you should bring to the beach, I'm going to clue you in to what NOT to bring to the beach.

Of course there are exceptions to the following list, but for the most part if you are spending a day at the beach you do not need any of these.

  • 1

    No Giant Coolers

    A cooler is fine and all, but there is something as too big. If your cooler has big wheels, it's probably too big.

  • 2

    No 4 Course Meals

    To go along with those big coolers, stop with the fine dining. All you need is something to drink, a sub/sandwich, maybe some chips, and fruit. The last two are optional.

  • 3

    No Tents

  • 4

    No Stereos

    There is no need to share your sick DJ skills with the entire beach. Pop some headphones on and be considerate.

  • 5

    No Tables

    I cannot think of one good reason why you would need a table for a day at the beach.

  • 6

    No Canopies

    This goes hand in hand with tents, you do not need them.

  • 7

    No Socks

    This is to avoid a big fashion mishap. Socks and sandals have never and will never be a good look. Just leave the socks and sneakers at home.

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