I wanted to title this article "10 Cheap Gifts for the People You Feel Obligated to Buy For, but Don't Really Want To. I'm Looking at You Aunt That I Only See at Christmas and Funerals." That would be a little too long, but now you get the point of this article. These gifts are for those people you end up buying gloves, candles, or cheap gift sets for. I bet you $10 one or two people popped into your head.

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  • 1

    Wine Glass Tumblers

    They can confuse people all day long. Do they have wine in that insulated tumbler or coffee? The world may never know.

  • 2

    Chesapeake Bay Candle

    I know what you're thinking, candles are over done. Honestly, I love getting candles and Chesapeake Bay Candles are amazing.

  • 3

    Cheese Making Kit

    Who doesn't love cheese? That was a trick question, everyone loves cheese.

  • 4

    Tea Drops

    The weather is cold so giving the gift of warmth is always much appreciated.

  • 5

    French Sea Salt Sampler

    Insert corny line of spicing up someone's life here.

  • 6

    Microfiber Fleece Throw

    Can one have too many blankets? The answer is no.

  • 7

    Wine Bottle Opener Kit

    Honestly, I want one of these kits for myself. This is one of those one for you, one for them kind of gift.

  • 8

    Silicone Wine Glasses

    You can drop these wine glasses and they won't break. However, they may bounce.

  • 9

    Michael Scott Mug

    Without a doubt in my mind, I would say that The Office is one of the most binged-watched shows. The only competition they have in being the most binged would be Friends.

  • 10

    Yeti Tumbler

    Yeti products are all the rage right now. They keep things at their appropriate temperature for hours and hours.

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