Summer is here in South Jersey. We love summer so much that we decide that summer started this weekend. There are certain tell tale signs that summer has arrived besides the obvious warmer weather.

Between how we eat and how kids behave, there are plenty of ways to realize it's finally summer. Here are 4 ways to tell that summer has arrived in South Jersey.

  • 1

    You feel like an outsider in parking lots.

    I was at Target the other day and I had to question what state I was in. The parking lot was filled with cars from Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.

  • 2

    Road rage is at an all-time high.

    Traffic, of course, is insane this time of year here in South Jersey. If you scroll through Facebook you'll see at least half of your friends ranting about slow drivers and traffic.

  • 3

    Kids wake up super early.

    During the school year, waking kids up is like a battle. However when summer is here, kids are up and out the door so early to spend every second of the day outside. Getting the kids back inside at the end of the day is very similar to the battle you have waking them up during the school year.

  • 4

    You crave pizza and ice cream.

    Pizza is great all year round, as is ice cream. There is something about eating boardwalk pizza strolling on the boards on a summer night that is simply amazing.

  • 5

    Every night you want to sit around a fire.

    S'mores are a necessity during the summer. You may actively seek out friends that have a fire pit to sit around with a couple of drinks at night.

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