Three presidential debates later, the jury is out as to who was the big winner - that score will be settled on Election Day (Nov. 6th).  Now Imagine what if the debates were moderated by a different set of eyes .....

I remember the first class I ever had involving politics was my senior year of high school.  The course was American Political System taught by Mr. Jack Shepherd at St. John Vianney H.S. in Holmdel (Monmouth County).  He introduced me to being involved in a local campaign, and showed some of the ins and out of the political system during an upcomig presidential election.

Kids in High School today will be encouraged in the 2016 Presidential Election - some in the Class of 2013 will vote in 2 weeks.  A teenager monitoring the debate would make for great TV - remember Choose or Lose on MTV? (There was a 20% increase in youth turnout over the prior Presidential election back in '92 when Clinton was on MTV).

Now bend your mind a little further and picture a toddler standing as the moderator of a debate between President Obama and Mitt gives an idea of how that might look - check it out by clicking here.


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