Leaves are on the ground all over South Jersey, with still more to fall as December looms. When it comes to raking, is there such a thing as 'neighbor responsibility'?

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This is with NO diva attitude that I pose this question. Just a genuine curiosity as a homeowner.

I don't have many trees in my yard, and pretty much what I DO have falls in MY yard. The neighbor to the right took one of his down after it fell into our house. But, he still has a few more. The neighbor to the left wanted us to cut down my other tree because it was blowing too much pollen onto his Mercedes (I can't make this stuff up).

However, there's never been a discussion, friendly or otherwise, about the mountains of leaves from their trees that end up on my property. Like every other normal person on earth I just rake them myself. But I did want to get your thoughts on the matter.


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