Hi, my name is Chelsea and my mom did some weird things in the late '90s/early 2000's. When I talk to other kids born around the same time as I was, I realize that there were a lot of songs and shows I wasn't allowed to listen to/watch. Comedian John Crist did a bit where he read TV shows Christian moms wouldn't allow their kids to watch and why. I related to this list on such a deep level.

There are a few shows on this list my mom wouldn't let us watch for a variety of reasons or we were allowed to watch them, but she didn't like it for the same reason mentioned in the video. So let's have a therapy session for me right now and talk about the wacky things I wasn't allowed to watch or hear as a kid in the late '90s/early 2000s.

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    "Rugrats" was way off limits.

    John Crist's bit mentions Rugrats and even gives the same reason why my mom didn't let us watch the show, the kids were obnoxious. Angelica talked back a lot plus according to my mom, the other babies were just obnoxious.

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    The word naked was muted in "Torn."

    Do you know the song "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia? Of course you do, everyone who was alive when that song came out knows it. Well, when the song would play on the radio my mom would have her hand on the volume knob, ready to turn down the volume when the word "naked" was sung.

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    We couldn't listen to "Smooth."

    Yes, I am referring to the song by Santana and Rob Thomas. Funny story, I recently brought this up to my mom asking why we weren't allowed to listen to it since she loves Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas. She doesn't have the slightest clue as to why we couldn't listen to it.

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    D.W. was not a good influence in "Hey Arthur."

    Since Hey Arthur was on PBS we were allowed to watch the show. However, as in the John Crist video above, my mom was not a fan of Arthur's little sister D.W.

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    My mom hated Bratz dolls.

    While I had Bratz, my mom hated them. She hated how the dolls looked and their name. Brat was a no, no word in my house. Barbie was acceptable, but these early 2000s dolls were frowned upon.

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    "CatDog" was banned.

    What was my mom's reasoning behind banning CatDog in the house? It's simple, a creature like that is impossible.

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    "Closing Time" by Semisonic was turned off.

    The ironic part here is that we were allowed to listen to "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba, which is so odd.

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    We could only watch limited channels.

    Nickelodeon was OFF LIMITS. The only Nick show we were allowed to watch was Rocket Power. If it wasn't on PBS, Disney, History Channel, or Animal Planet it was frowned upon.

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    No Teletubbies

    Apparently, they looked too weird to be able to watch.

  • RetroRefresh via Amazon.com
    RetroRefresh via Amazon.com

    No video games.

    I remember getting our first Game Boy Color, it was a big deal. While everyone else had multiple game systems, we could only play PC games like Backyard Baseball and Barbie games.

  • terrceremonyj-0 via eBay
    terrceremonyj-0 via eBay

    No cable.

    We all got TVs eventually in our bedrooms, but it was only to watch movies. We weren't allowed to have cable. I had the Magnavox VCR/DVD combo TV until about 6 years ago.

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    We couldn't hang out at the mall.

    While most of the youth population spent time hanging out at the mall, my siblings and I were not allowed to.

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