There is nothing like Thanksgiving.  A time where we get together with loved ones.  Watch and play football.  Eat till we explode.  Every now and then, however, you seem to stumble on that one dish - and nobody knows what it is. You then ask the closest person next to you - quietly of course.  He has no answer, so you put a small amount on your plate so that your taste buds can solve the mystery.  Unfortunately, you're taste buds not only solved the case, but you're stomach officially hates you now.  Here are some weird thanksgiving foods you might find interesting this year, and may/may not want to avoid:

How about  that mystery lime Jello that  still haunts me to this day.  Suspended in the Jello are shredded cabbage and carrots served with a big dollop of mayo.

Frog Eyed Salad-Crazy but tasty.

Oyster casserole, sounds good right? Well how about  canned oysters, hardtack, cream and butter. No seasoning or anything.  Still good?

I also never understood why olives and pickles were placed on seperate dishes at my house-and only on Thanksgiving too.

What's you're weird Thanksgiving treat?  Should I have my Tums ready?