With quarantining, social distancing, and masking, the incidence of flu dropped dramatically last year.  However, as life opens up again and we head into flu season,  doctors worry about a coronavirus-and-flu "twin-demic" that could overwhelm the health care system. It is very possible to get both viruses at the same time. In fact, if you get one, it can make you more vulnerable to the other. 

It is more important than ever to get our flu vaccine, but if it is also time to get your booster for coronavirus, rest assured you can get both vaccines at the same time. If it makes it more convenient for you to get both at once, scientists say it is perfectly safe. So,  protect yourself from a twin-demic this season by getting the flu shot and your covid booster. 

Although you can schedule both shots in the same visit, the CDC recommends getting your COVID vaccination as soon as possible and ideally, receiving your flu shot by the end of October.

Doctor giving needle to woman in exam room
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If you are feeling ill, get tested as soon as symptoms arise, as it is difficult to distinguish the illness from symptoms alone. Again, it is possible to contract the flu and COVID simultaneously, which can worsen symptoms. Remember, receiving both shots is better than putting yourself at risk for both illnesses. If you have specific concerns, the CDC has all your questions answered.

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