Remember the two South Jersey men who sued Subway?  This story now gets even more 'meatier'.....


Two South Jersey men are suing the Subway franchise because their foot long sandwich came up short.


UPDATE:  Subway has apologized for their footlong sandwiches coming up short of their expectations.  According to Yahoo, 'The company had already noted last week that bread length could vary when franchisees don't bake to its exact specifications and that it would reinforce policies to ensure consistency.'


Subway declined comment on the lawsuit filed in Mount Holly.  With this story getting national attention, I'm willing to bet their going to get so much Subway subs, that Jared will be in a cold cut jealous rage.


Look, I love eating at Subway just like anybody else.  I take advantage of the 'five---five dollar---five dollar foot long' because I'm cheap and I have a thing for bread that tastes like cardboard, but you'll never see me take out measuring tape and analyze my sandwich.


I'm sure someone out there has been ripped off at some point by the amount of food that they were promised.  Complaining and boycotting is one thing, filing a lawsuit is another.


HOWEVER....wouldn't be cool if Subway LOST this lawsuit? Then they would be forced to change the 'five dollar foot long' to the 'five dollar 11 and 2/3 inch long'


I'll take mine with extra pickles.


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