Times are tough. Everything is more expensive these days. But no matter how low your account balance is, there are certain restaurants in South Jersey you told us you'll ALWAYS find a way to treat yourself to.


Break the Bank


We all have those days we look at our bank accounts or credit card statements and think, 'I better just pack my lunch tomorrow.' Yeah, it's PB&J-time for the next week.

But then you pass by your favorite restaurant and suddenly you find yourself dining out because you just can't resist.

Molly's Kitchen in Northfield NJ
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Recently, I was chowing down on a chicken salad sandwich from Molly's Kitchen in Northfield and thought to myself, 'I will always make room in my budget for this place.'

So, it got me thinking about the South Jersey restaurants YOU might feel the same about.

The Non-Negotiables

Angry Little Girl

I will suffer through making my own coffee at home (which I'm not good at) for a month if it means clearing room in my budget to spend at Chido Burrito in Northfield.

Chido Burrito in Northfield NJ
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I'm powerless against their burrito bowls, so why fight it? I'll just make cuts elsewhere (or start selling pics of my feet).

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That's Jim's Lunch for you in Millville. It's also Graziano Italian Restaurant in Chesilhurst. And Doc's Oyster House in Atlantic City. Because, sometimes, even when the belt needs to be tightened, you just can go without.

No matter WHAT, these are the place you told us you're not giving up. And I bet you and I could easily come up with another 44 restaurants after you go through these ones below.

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