For years, Gregory's Restaurant and Bar in Somers Point has been hosting 'Taco Tuesday'. Recently, they're being asked to give up their use of the phrase, but Gregory's is not backing down.

Gregory's owns the trademark in New Jersey and the rights to use the phrase 'Taco Tuesday'. But the national fast food chain Taco Bell wants it, and last month Bell filed a legal petition to take it away from Gregory's, Shore Local News reports.

Taco Bell's also gone after Taco John’s who has the right to use the phrase in the other 49 U.S. states.

But even though Gregory's Restaurant and Bar may be a small, locally owned, family-operated business at the Jersey Shore, they're not about to roll over for Taco Bell. David vs. Goliath legal battle ahead? Most likely. But we, along with locals and Gregory's loyal patrons are with them all the way.

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Recently, Taco Bell hired pro basketball legend LeBron James to endorse 'Taco Tuesday'. “Everyone should be able to say and celebrate Taco Tuesday", states James in a new ad campaign.

Doubling down on his push back against Taco Bell, Gregory's owner Gregory Gregory put up signage inviting LeBron to come to Somers Point and check out THEIR 'Taco Tuesday' for himself. Gregory tells Shore Local News, “No matter how this goes, I’m going to make sure everyone in South Jersey knows that Taco Tuesday is at Gregory’s."

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What do you make of this fight? Should Gregory's keep battling Taco Bell to keep the NJ rights over 'Taco Tuesday'? Let us know in the comments.

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