A New Mexico truck driver is facing charges after he reportedly exposed himself to a woman inside a New Jersey Wal-Mart.

WHOA! Pause, I had to read that headline again. He did what?!

NBC Philadelphia says the truck driver was wandering around the Teterboro Wal-Mart in just a loincloth...A LOINCLOTH.

While wandering the store, he reportedly began to touch and expose himself to women. Authorities arrived on the scene after a woman reported the incident. After checking surveillance cameras, officers could see the man going about the store with just hanging cloths covering his lower half.

But don't worry, the man is in custody and is being charged with lewdness under $1,000 bail.

NBC Philadelphia says police still have zero idea why he was doing this. The partner he was with also had no idea what the New Mexico trucker was up to.

Pretty crazy story.

Read more on NBC Philadelphia.

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