Gloucester County is dividing $45,000 of traffic safety funds among its police departments for extra patrol to catch impaired drivers during the holidays.

With the holiday season, many people are out celebrating and having a good time. Unfortunately, it also means there is an increased amount of drunk and drugged drivers on the roads. According to Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office, impaired driving hops up to 10% during the holidays.

Scary right?

As a way to keep our roads and highways safe, Gloucester County's 16 Police departments will share highway traffic safety funds to increase patrol. This new enforcement will start Friday and continue until the new year.

Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles A. Fiore tells

"During the last five years, New Jersey has experienced nearly 40,000 alcohol-involved crashes resulting in more than 750 fatalities, [sic] Drive Sober is a critical law enforcement program that can save lives during this time of year."

Hopefully, with this extra patrol, Gloucester County can do the best they can to stop impaired driving accidents. It's our job to NOT drive on the roads if we know we aren't capable.


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