Behold:  Shown before you is the aftermath of my poor stove, after attempting to make home made Chili, as part of my protein diet.   Clearly, this was a nightmare--but wait, there's more!

The chilli actually turned out awesome.  My kitchen did not.  That's the good news.  The bad news (actually still good news depending on your point of view).  I brought left overs the next day to work, and the smell was stuck in the SoJO studio.  It wasen't a good smell either.  In fact, as I was walking away from Heather DeLuca with the container in hand---the smell apparently trailed out of the studio and into the hallway.  The smell also stayed in the studio for at least another 15 minutes, perfect timing for Heather's "All Request Drive Thru".

I still ate the Chilli.

My kitchen nightmare consisted of a mess, and the need for constant breathe mints.  What was your kitchen nightmare?  You might wanna think twice before the man in your house decides to cook you dinner for Valentine's Day---just sayin.