Isn't it wonderful when you open your gym bag, purse, suitcase, or book bag; and find a liquid mess inside?  It's like Christmas all over again, except with a horrifying and surprised reaction, along with a few cuss words.

Guess what Tom Morgan found when he opened his bag at 4am on a Tuesday morning?


As the bag of gym clothes, headphones, and lunch was opened (did we say lunch?) .   A pile of homemade chili was found in the bottom of my bag.


Oops, I guess  something spilled.


Not only was it a mess (and I do mean a stinky mess), but there was actually some chili spilled on the headphones!  You could actually see some chili inside the left ear foam.  For rest of Tuesday's show, I kept digging dryed up, homeade chili.

I smelled it all day, and I think I still smell it now.

To make me feel a little better, what have you accidentally spilled in your bag?  We can laugh about it now, I think.

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