A new season of Kitchen Nightmares is upon us, and this year Chef Gordon Ramsay is spending a lot of time in Jersey.

Four Garden State restaurants will be featured. Will Chef be able to save them?

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I'm a Gordon Ramsay superfan. I watch all of his shows and have even gone back to check out the original Kitchen Nightmares episodes from the U.K.

My interest started when I met Gordon at the 94.3 The Point studios. He was filming an episode of Kitchen Nightmares at Mike and Nellie's in Ocean Township.

He brought the owners in to talk to the morning show and give a little bit of an update about what was going on.

Lou was invited to opening night. If you follow Kitchen Nightmares, that is a very important piece of the puzzle when trying to save these struggling restaurants.

Unfortunately, Mike and Nellie's didn't last long after Gordon Ramsay's visit.

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It's worth noting that not many establishments that Ramsay features on the show actually succeed.

In fact, according to Reality TV Updates, out of 77 establishments featured on Kitchen Nightmares, only 15 are still open.

That's a 21% success rate. Ouch.

It's not necessarily Ramsay's fault. It's clear while watching these episodes that menu selection and cleanliness are not the only problems.

Oftentimes, owners are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

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Even after Ramsay refines the menu and gives the eateries a facelift, it's simply too late to climb out of the hole.

Also, many of the owners are just never meant to run a restaurant. Whether it's laziness, family drama, or dysfunctional relationships.

Hopefully, we'll see some success stories in Jersey this season.

Here are the NJ restaurants that will be seen in this season of Kitchen Nightmares.


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