Drivers in Medford Lakes are understandably livid with the person who's been throwing rocks at cars in the South Jersey town.

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Police in Medford Lakes and Medford Township have mounted an investigation into the rock throwing incidents that have damaged vehicles and frightened drivers, like Macy Kemble, who reportedly had a rock thrown through her passenger window last Thursday night as she drove along Tuckerton Rd., according to

Kemble tells 6abc she wasn't sure exacted what impacted her car until she got home and saw the rock in her backseat.

Police report that back on Feb. 4 a family of four also driving on Tuckerton Rd. was has a rock shatter one of their windows. Thankfully, no one was injured.

And that's lucky for the rock thrower. Hurling objects at a moving vehicle could inflict SERIOUS harm to drivers, passengers, and anyone who may be in the vicinity. NOT COOL!

Surveillance video in that area didn't provide much help to the investigation. Anyone with information that could help catch the individual/individuals responsible are asked to contact Medford Lakes Police at (609) 267-8300 or Medford Twp. Police at (609) 654-7511.


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