John, Paul, Ringo and George aren't the only "beetles" that have an artistic side. This stag  beetle has taken the internet by storm with its talent.

Mandy, an English teacher, is the proud owner of Spike.

Let's address the elephant in the room right now. Yes, you read that right someone owns this beetle. Yes, Spike the stag beetle is her pet. Apparently in Japan, stag beetles are popular pets. Think about that next time a beetle meets the bottom of your boot.

stag beetle

Mandy owns not just one, but three others. A female stag beetle named Sally and two rainbow stag beetles named Julius and Cleo.

Stag beetles are known for their very large and very strong mandibles. They can grasp many different things with them. Mandy decided to see what Spike could hold onto. She gave him a marker, placed him on some paper, and Spike began to move around with the marker creating works of "art".

Now remember this is a beetle!

This beetle has over 55.8K followers on Twitter...over 20.3K followers on Instagram...a website...and someone created a fan club page on Instagram dedicated to Spike.


Mandy put some artwork up on eBay and the first piece sold for over $150!!!!!

Who's Googling where you can get your very own stag beetle now?

You may want to hold off.

Since stag beetles are SO popular in Japan there is now a conservation effort. There has been an increase of stag beetles being taken from the wild to become pets and an increasing in importing stag beetles from other Asian countries.

Mandy donates 15% of the money made from Spike's art to stag beetle conservation.




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